Updated:  7 January, 2019
Architectural Review Request
Architectural Guidelines, Forms and Procedures:  updated as of Dec 2012

If you are ready to build out at HLR, remember that our CCR require you to submit an
Architectural Review Request (ARR) to the HLR POA Board of Directors for approval.   To
ensure your ARR is processed in a timely manner, please follow the guidelines & procedures
and complete the ARR form  as listed below.  If you have any questions about the ARR process,
ask for assistance.

- Architectural Review Guidelines:
click here for information on what you need to send the HLR
POA Board of Directors to initiate an Architectural Review Request (ARR) for approval.  

- Architectural Review Procedures:  click
here for information on the procedures to follow for
processing your ARR.

-  Architectural Review Request Form:
click here to print a copy of the ARR form for processing
your ARR.  Remember to sign, date and provide point of contact information in case there is
other information needed.  


ARRs currently under review are:
  • For lots 35, 37, 38: a structure to house a motor home.

* To submit a complaint concerning a CCR violation, click here, complete the form, sign it and
mail it to:  HLR BOD
PO Box 215
Elfrida, AZ 85610
Please note, per AZ law, this complaint will not remain anonymous.