Architectural Review Committee (ARC):

  • To assist the Board in its fiduciary responsibility to manage development on the High Lonesome Ranch Estates consistent with the CCRs.

  • To review each Architectural Review Request (ARR) for consistency with the CCRs.  

  • To prepare and update the Guideline document and make any appropriate changes.

  • To insure that each ARR includes all the information necessary as outlined on the Guideline document.

  • To prepare proposals for Association Rules as stated in Article 5.3 of the CCRs.

  • Be sure Webmaster is informed of all ARRs
  • Communicate with committee members to prepare a written proposal for Board action on each ARR received since the previous Board meeting.  

  • Submit the minutes of each committee meeting to the Board Secretary.

  • If questions arise regarding interpretation of the CCRs, request the CCR committee to provide their input.

  • Present these proposals to the Board for a final decision.

  • The ARC Board member liaison will complete the report and send it to Cadden and notify the Webmaster of the final decision.

  • Provide a committee report each month outlining any activity.  If there is no committee activity during the month, provide a written report stating No